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Chapter 3 第三篇章:Lost in Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡没有灵魂


Describing this city is a bit tricky; it's neither grand nor refined. It's a bit noisy, a bit bustling, and carries a hint of pride in its appearance. There isn't much outstanding here, with KLCC being the best among the rest. The city is crowded, and many seem to consider themselves almost godlike. The food scene is a mixed bag - some dishes are delicious, some not so much; anyone claiming it's better than Penang probably doesn't know better. Traffic jams are frequent, but it doesn't bother me, my life here is pretty ordinary. The roads are broad but somewhat dull. It’s a Love–hate relationship with Kuala Lumpur, I admit I might be rambling. It might lacks a soul, but it sure has its own distinct.



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